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Specialised liquid waste
collection and transport service

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Liquid waste services to a
wide range of industries

Welcome to Eastern Liquid Services
Proudly Australian owned and operated

Liquid Waste Collection, Transport, Recycling and Disposal

Regardless of which industry your business is in, our EPA certified liquid waste service will help you manage your liquid waste. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we provide services to the following industries:

  • Automotive – triple interceptor pits, oil and wash waters, containers of oily rags, paint tins and related wastes
  • Hospitality – grease trap cleaning, cooking oil collection
  • Industrial – wash water pits, lint traps
  • Car wash – triple interceptor pits, wash down pits
  • Events – liquid waste management for major events such as the Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
  • Sewer and Storm Water – unblock or maintain sewer effluent services and storm water clearing

With specialised vehicles servicing Melbourne we can be there when you need us.

Environmental Award Winners

Eastern Liquid Services wins Environmental Sustainability Award at the Crown Property Services Awards.

Why Choose Eastern Liquid

Timely and Cost Effective Liquid Waste Management

While it’s important that we are quick to respond for any clean up requirements, we also work to prevent a liquid waste emergency through a regular servicing and maintenance schedule. After all, a regular clean out is a lot more cost effective than a regular clean up!

Protecting the Environment and Waterways From Pollution

We care about Melbourne’s natural environment and everything we do works towards preventing harmful pollution of local waterways of Melbourne.

Striving Towards a Zero Waste Service

All liquid waste collected goes directly to our very own treatment facility ‘Organic Environmental Solutions’ (OES) in Dandenong South. OES uses the latest technology to treat a range of liquid wastes in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. The material produced from the process is used as compost, clean fill and bio-fuel.

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To find out how Eastern Liquid Services can offer your business a timely and cost effective liquid waste management solution