In 2013 Organic Environmental Solutions (OES) was opened for business. It is a fully contained liquid waste treatment facility that uses the latest technology from around the world to treat a variety of liquid wastes.

We now process 3 – 4 million litres of liquid waste per month.

Liquid wastes we treat/accept

  • Waste oils and water mixtures
  • Triple interceptor waste
  • Grease interceptor trap effluent
  • Car and truck washwaters
  • Industrial washwaters
  • Bore slurry

The process
Waste received at OES undergoes several treatment processes including solids removal, pH adjustment and aeration to ensure the water is polished to a high standard. All the air extracted from within the facility is put through our large wet scrubber to neutralise any odour before being released into the atmosphere.

OES currently sends all centrifuge cake to a composting facility to ensure closed loop recycling of all organic solid materials derived from our process. Tallows and oils derived from our gravity separation process is sent to biodiesel production among other beneficial reuses. Clay and silt mixtures are also dewatered and used as clean fill.

Quality Management Systems

We have implemented a management system based on the quality management systems ISO9001:2008, environmental management systems ISO14001:2004 and AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management Systems. We are using these systems to drive sustainability, and process efficiency to improve the downstream environmental outcomes from waste.

OES is continuously striving to achieve the best environmental outcomes from the materials produced through our treatment processes. With this in mind, we are working with Monash University on a research project.

26 – 28 Souffi Place, Dandenong South, VIC 3175


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