Triple Interceptor Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Much like the grease trap in commercial kitchens and restaurants, the triple interceptor pits at mechanical workshops and service stations stop pollution from entering the general wastewater systems.

Regular maintenance on your triple interceptor can cut your overall maintenance costs by up 75%! Eastern Liquid Services can setup regular visits to clean and maintain your triple interceptor according to EPA regulations, and ensure the waste is sent to a licensed plant for disposal or recycling.

If you have a triple interceptor trap emergency right now – Call 1300 723 988 – and we’ll get an Eastern Liquid Services vehicle out to you as soon as possible.

Other automotive services

Our EPA licensed vehicles can also collect:

  • Oily wash waters
  • Spray Booth waste
  • Waste rags
  • Used oil filters
  • Empty paint tins and related waste
  • Empty drums/containers with chemical residue
  • Waste automotive oils and lubricants

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