Carpark or Basement flood water removal

Whether it be from a burst pipe, broken water line or torrential weather, a flooded carpark or basement should be dealt with quickly to avoid any long-term damage. Eastern Liquid Services has specialised low entry vehicles that can get into any tricky carparks or basements and drain out the excess water.

We work with local Councils as well as insurers and commercial businesses and offer fast, reliable and cost effective services for flood water removal.

What to do immediately after flooding

  • Call your insurance company to seek advise on next steps. They may ask you to take photographs or for further details so refrain from moving anything until you have spoken to them.
  • Once your insurance company has said it is OK to remove the water give us a call and we will be onsite to assess the situation as soon as possible.
  • Do not enter the flood waters unless you need to, if it is necessary please wear appropriate water proof clothing. If you suspect the water might be contaminated by chemicals or sewage DO NOT enter the flood waters.

For flood water removal

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