Grease Trap Cleaners across Melbourne

All commercial kitchens and restaurants have a grease trap installed to stop large amounts of fat, oil, grease and solids from wreaking havoc on Melbourne sewer systems.

Regardless of the size of your grease interceptor trap, or where it is located, Eastern Liquid Services can keep your grease trap (and your kitchen) operating at 100% efficiency.

Regular visits from Eastern Liquid Services grease trap cleaners will:

  • Prevent blockages of your inlet and outlet pipes through a build up in your grease trap
  • Prevent overspills
  • Prevent hefty fines from local water authorities
  • Prevent expensive callouts for an emergency grease trap clean out

Remember, a regular clean out is more cost effective than a regular clean up!

How Does a Grease Interceptor Trap Work?

While all commercial kitchens and restaurants have a grease trap, not many people know how they actually work. The diagram on the right (click to enlarge it) takes you through some high level points about how it operates.  If you aren’t sure if your commercial grease trap is operating at 100%, contact us to check.

Cooking Oil Collection

Used cooking oil should NOT be poured into your grease trap as it will solidify, blocking your inlet and outlet pipes or the sewer system itself leaving you with a very expensive clean up bill.

Contact us for details on cooking oil collection service.


Regular grease trap cleaning will save you time and money in the long run

so don’t wait ‘just one more month’. CONTACT US ONLINE or call 1300 723 988