Are you swimming in filth?

A dirty swimming pool can be unsightly, smelly and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and germs. Nobody wants to swim in a pool like that! Once your pool gets into that condition it is a good idea to get it drained completely. But please DO NOT do this yourself!

Why should you call in the experts?

  • It is risky to attempt to drain your own pool, you might accidentally damage the bottom of the pool.
  • It could be illegal to empty your pool water down the storm water drain or sewer system. As fines may occur for improper drainage, please make sure you check with your local council and water authority for regulations.

Eastern Liquid Services are experienced in pool draining and are compliant with local councils, water authorities and EPA Victoria. So please, contact us today to get that pool back up and running for you!


Take action on that dirty swimming pool today!

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