Sewer and Storm Water Services

Everything that is put down your drain and toilet eventually goes through the sewer lines and storm water drains around Melbourne, and it’s not uncommon for those pipes to become blocked.

When a sewer pipe or storm water drain does become blocked, it’s up to the liquid waste professionals at Eastern Liquid Services to clear the blockage without damaging the sewer pipe, storm water drain or the local environment.

Eastern Liquid Services can help you unblock or maintain:

  • Sewer effluent services
  • Storm water drain clearing

How Do We Clear A Blocked Drain?

Using specialised tools that will vacuum and clean drains, our focus is to clear the drain with the least environmental impact. The drain is cleared using a flexible pipe with a gently rotating head. The blockage is removed with a combination of water and pressure while the vacuum removes the material, ensuring the pipe does not become blocked further at another point. We are always on the look out for new methods and technology to help us protect Melbourne’s waterways.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks work a little bit like a grease trap, so any solids that flow in to the septic tank are separated, leaving the liquid to flow out through the outlet pipe or sand filter. Without regular septic tank maintenance, the inlet and outlet pipes can become blocked and often with unpleasant associated odours, leading to an expensive (and messy) septic tank replacement.

Don’t leave it too late! Call Eastern Liquid Services to schedule in a visit to pump out your septic tank.



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